Public Areas

Traditional painted Costa Rican oxcart
The restaurant of the Pura Vida Hotel
Pura Vida Hotel wild life
Just another strange caterpillar on the orchid tree
Pura Vida Hotel secure private parking
Secure private parking

La Casa Reception Area

The Pura Vida Hotel was originally a coffee plantation but now the old house (which is about 90 years old) or Casa serves as the restaurant, the reception and public areas. In reception you will find perhaps a botanist pondering a coinversation with a Sarchi rocking chair, a public free internet station (of course), TV, public telephone (always free inside Costa Rica). You will also find a small gift area focusing on unique Pefi ceramics and masks from the indigenous village of Boruca. We have a large selection of all the English language guide books as well as a number of other Costa Rica specific books we can lend you. After reception you will access the restaurant via some stairs.

The Restaurant (open for breakfast and sometimes dinner)

The restaurant is an open air terrace looking out over the Itikis valley and has a view to Poas Volcano. Generally speaking if you can see the rim of Poas you can drive to it this morning and see something.

The restaurant serves breakfast from 7:30am to 9:30am. If you are leaving early, no worries you still get a good breakfast - just let us know when you need it the night before. 4am exit - no problem we will pack you an excellent breakfast to go.

You do require advanced reservations for our gourmet dinner service and dinner may be cancelled if we do not have enough demand. We can recommend a couple of good places with great food, good prices and excellent service a short taxi ride from the Pura Vida Hotel.

The Secret Garden

The gardens at Pura Vida are often the most welcome surprise - each Casita is set on its own - surrounded by our secret garden of palms, the giant pink flowering oak and many fruits such as mangoes, papaya, kafir lime, mangosteen, manzana de aqua, star fruit, tree tomato and grapefruit and a whole lot more.

If you'd like your garden with some explanations we'd be happy to walk you around it any morning and show you coffee plants, how to do orchid propagation or introduce you to the second largest flower in Costa Rica. In addition you will find a beautiful orchid garden, coffee, lots of heliconias - 100's of species to delight the garden wanderer.

Pura Vida Parqueo

We have a private parking compound right behind the Katydid Casita. The area is secure (you are responsible for your valuables) and is accessible from the Pura Vida gardens and casitas. If you are a resident, leave your car here while you travel to foreign lands.