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Our Dinners

Our main event is a 3 course gourmet dinner based on what we find fresh at the market today.  The cost is $37 plus tax, is served at 7pm (but always late) and must be booked in advance - it is not always available.  We can do this as vegetarian (and we can avoid one or two dietary things but you need to ask ahead).  On Fridays a market tour dinner is often available - cost is $42 and starts around 2:30pm.

For those who need a dinner and don't want to go out we can provide a "late meal" but we need reservations by the previous day - just let us know if you have any dietary requests such as "vegetarian" or "no cilantro".  Our "late meals" are from $8 to $18.

There are no restaurants within walking distance. Otherwise there are a host of restaurants in Alajuela and two we like - Jalapenos (Mexican run by a super nice Colombian from New York) and C-Vichito & Mas located not far from the Pricesmart intersection - both are a short taxi ride from here and an easy taxi return.  Taxis available both ends within 2 minutes usually.

Small hotels like ours do not have large staffs or big kitchens but, with some planning (advanced reservations), daily buying, fresh local ingredients and menu preparation we can put together some of the best meals you may have in Costa Rica.

Due to the small size of the hotel, dinner is a set menu varying nightly served at a single seating at 7:00pm.

Dinner planning

. . . starts with a count of how many guests we have that day and an assessment of who we will be shopping for today and what ingredients will work together across some broad menu ideas.

On Fridays, for example we are likely to be at the Farmers Market and our favorite fish monger is likely to have excellent Red Snapper or Corvina or the infamous Bearded Brotulo. We will then shop for a complimentary first course, perhaps a Malinche Roll or and Asian Salad and ponder a desert that will work with the theme for the night which include French Country, South East Asian Authentic, California Fusion.

If Chef Nhi is not in that night, sorry, we will not compromise with a substitute . . . so dinner is not available every night.

A note from Your Waiter

"Some years ago, I announced that we had sold our first 2 dinners. 6 weeks later we served those 2 dinners and the guests were pretty happy. If only they knew the events that led up to that moment!

This dinner took literally weeks to prepare and started with the observation that we can not live with this *%$#@&! (70 year old) kitchen. This simple observation quickly caused repercussions.  The crummy old kitchen was completely demolished and rebuilt.  We found a commercial oven and made really complicated decisions like "um er who should do the cooking?" and "who should be the waiter?".

Thousands of dinners later, Chef Nhi will be bringing you the freshest ingredients likely as not prepared in a way you may not expect and tasting better than you imagined.

Heck, I come here just for the food!"

Signed: "Your Waiter"

Here's a few examples from previous menus

Our first courses might include

  • Roast squash soup
  • Vichyssoise
  • Farmers Market spinach salad
  • Asian Salad with 5 spice shrimp
  • Green Papaya Salad
  • Malinche Roll
  • Baked Tomato Bruscetta etc etc . . .

Our main course might include

  • Apple Mustard Chicken
  • Roast Corvina/mushroom ragout
  • Sizzling Trout/Butter caper
  • Moroccan Chicken
  • Pucks Pork Chop/5 spice
  • Grilled Pork Tenderloin/Sage butter ad infinitum . . .

Our desert course might include

  • Frozen mango cream/fresh mango
  • Tropical Fruit Crepes
  • Fresh Fruit Eclair/Chocolate Nibs
  • Creme Brulee
  • Chocolate Pot de Creme
  • Flour-less Chocolate torte and more and more - depends on what we find fresh at the market

And of course a selection of wines including

  • Cuvi Verdejo/S. Blanc from Spain
  • Montes Alpha Chardonnay
  • Montes Cherub Rose from Chile
  • Trivento Malbec Reserva from Argentina
  • Broquel Cabernet Franc from Chile
  • Montes Limited Selection Pinot Noir and more, so it goes

Soft drinks, San Pelegrino and Imperial beer, Guinness . . . and such . . .