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Late Meals, Market Tours etc

Late Meals and Food Options Near to the Pura Vida Hotel

It takes a long time to get anywhere in Costa Rica so leave plenty of time for your travels - this photo was taken just south of Tamarindo trying to reach our favorite beach Avellanas just as the rainy season was starting.  If you have spouses who likely get stressed out with driving leave a bit early eh? Or make sure you get a good infusion of Chilean Syrah on arrival?  Try not to drive in the dark as we have few road signs and "things like this".

On your arrival night, be sure to order your late meal ahead of time if you know you'll be hungry.  We do not cook every night so we are happy to serve our late meal "anytime".  Just let us know if there are things you do not eat like offals, gerbils etc.

There are numerous options for lunch or dinner in the area (all are a short taxi ride and most are not so good). But there are three we like:

  1. Norman's AKA Jalapenos (Mexican near the Post Office in Alajuela) - also due to Norman's general bonhommie and great food he is #1 on TripAdvisor for food
  2. Norman's AKA Jalapenos AND
  3. La Casa (a bit further away - about 10km & excellent parrillada) in La Garrita . . . ask for directions and we'll call a taxi but it is a long way for dinner so why not try Jalapenos AKA Norman's etc etc etc?

    Carolina (here) will frequently be found preparing some of the best EATS in Costa Rica with the aid of her able assistant, Norman (behind the counter).

Friday is the Farmer's Market Tour Day

On Friday afternoon we are usually off to the Plaza Ferias/Farmers Market starting around 2:30pm (but invariably late). Ask us if we have space that day.  We'd like to introduce you to "Don Oscar" also known as the melon man, the Papaya man, the Mango man and all the friends and acquaintances of the Friday market. That night we cook what you help us select. Book ahead for the farmers market tour. This photo is Culantro Man holding a 100 colone bunch of local "Coyote Culantro".

Eaters Write

"Our last night was in Pura Vida . . .the perfect end. Thank you for your hospitality and great dinner." Eduard and Anneke, The Netherlands

"Awesome!" Matt, New York

". . . wonderful bookends you provided to our visit to Costa Rica, from the familiar face of Jose Luis at the airport to the fabulous, relaxing dinner overlooking the gardens the night before departure." Billie & Gene, Santa Fe.

"My trip to Costa Rica was like a dream. It started with a warm welcome to the Pura Vida Hotel. I didn't expect to stay in a beautiful casita, larger than a suite, set in spectacular gardens. Nor in all my years of travel have I had the help and personal service I received . . . " Lynne, Park City Utah

"Norman's jokes?"  The less said the better . . . " Berni, Alajuela